Monday, September 18, 2006

Some prepositional phrases beginning with "bubble":

Bubble up
Bubble down
Bubble in
Bubble out
Bubble on
Bubble off
Bubble before
Bubble during
Bubble after
Bubble above
Bubble below
Bubble with
Bubble within
Bubble without
Bubble like
Bubble unlike
Bubble under
Bubble over
Bubble atop
Bubble inside
Bubble outside
Bubble behind
Bubble beneath
Bubble by
Bubble of
Bubble for
Bubble round
Bubble about
Bubble toward
Bubble across
Bubble astride
Bubble near
Bubble nearest
Bubble past
Bubble beside
Bubble around
Bubble nearby
Bubble along
Bubble through
Bubble except
Bubble against
Bubble despite
Bubble besides
Bubble beyond
Bubble absent
Bubble between
Bubble betwixt
Bubble following
Bubble since
Bubble until
Bubble amid
Bubble aboard
Bubble among
Bubble from
Bubble to
Bubble at
Bubble as
Bubble mid
Bubble till
Bubble into
Bubble onto
Bubble unto
Bubble upon
Bubble throughout
Bubble notwithstanding
Bubble opposite
Bubble amongst
Bubble alongside
Bubble underneath
Bubble amidst
Bubble towards
Bubble via
Bubble re
Bubble minus


Blogger degreesofgray said...

Dear Mr. Bubble,

You're a babbling brook, you baboon. You make me want to imbibe Bubble Up and take a bubble bath with a bunch of bimbos.

12:05 PM  

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