Thursday, December 28, 2006

Some personal questions:

What is your favorite place?
If you could live anywhere, where would that be?
If you could live anytime, when would that be?
What does the concept “home” mean to you?
What does the concept “shelter” mean to you?
What has been the most significant event in your life:
This week?
This month?
This year?
Complete the following sentences:
When I am/was 80 I will be/am/was…
When I am/was 65 I will be/am/was…
When I am/was 50 I will be/am/was…
When I am/was 35 I will be/am/was…

What is your earliest memory?
What did you want to be when you grew up?
What did you think “grown up” meant?
Recall and describe a lost object from your childhood.
Describe a dream from your childhood (actual dream, not hope or wish).
Describe a childhood fear.
Describe a childhood desire.
When did you last believe in (or do you still, or did you ever):
Time travel?
Invisible worlds?

Describe your favorite and least favorite smell.
Describe your favorite and least favorite sound.
If you have ever had a piercing or tattoo, describe the sensation of getting it.
What is the most intense pain (or other sensation) you’ve ever experienced?
What is the most intense pain (or other sensation) you can imagine?

Pull a hair from your head (or arm or eyebrow). Describe it in as much detail as possible.
Choose from the following list several materials you find most compelling—either attractive, repulsive, or both. Describe why:
>Wood, stone, sand, dirt, water, ice, cloud, flame, salt, ashes, mud, leaves, glue, wax, sugar, milk, tears, grease, soap, iron, copper, glass, concrete, aluminum, steel, oil, plastic, rubber.
Is it necessary for people to be honest with themselves? Is it possible?
Are you right or left-handed? How do you imagine life if this was reversed?
Recall and describe an object you possess, the loss of which would devastate you.
Describe an object of your desire that you do not possess. What are you willing to do to get it?
Have you ever seen a birth (of a human or other animal)?
Have you ever seen a death (of a person or other animal)?
Draw a straight line.
Draw a pleasing curve.
Draw an angle.
Do you identify most with:
Light or dark?
Earth or sky?
Land or water?
Sun or moon?
War or peace?
Myth or reality?
Fiction or non-fiction?
Beginning, middle, or end?

Think about a private moment—that is, something that happened to you alone, that was meaningful, and that you have never told anyone else about.
What are you capable of (but would never do)?
What are you incapable of (but would never admit)?
How do you hope to die?
What do you like most and least about yourself?
In what ways are you unfair or unjust?
How do you usually feel when you encounter someone different from yourself?
What is your secret hope or wish?
What is your secret fear?
What do you hide?


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Where have you been?
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What's for dinner?

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